In Every Seed a Story

A Missing Captain

It began with a boast, which led to a bet, and turned into a brawl.
Barabra, Brimbram, Pebble and Boulder of the Durang Mar were drinking at the Stone Table in South Falnore. They were lamenting the loss of their captain, Gillian Nura, presuming that she had succumbed to the Dwarven curse and returned to the birthplace of her bloodline, the fallen kingdom of Athencral. They boasted that they could go in and save her. Aside from the bartender, who was interested, the remainder of the bar condemned their talk, remarking on the sacrilege of reawakening whatever had taken up residence there. The bartender was willing to bet a year’s profits that they’d never return from a trip like that, and just as they loudly accepted, Captain Glorin of the Falnore militia declared that no one would be going anywhere, they had had too much to drink and needed to sleep it off in the stockade. He ordered his guards to arrest the mercenaries, and headed out the door. By the time he had reached the street and turned the corner, the citizens and guards had been taken care of, the Glorin received a headbutt to the jaw, courtesy of the Boulder.



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