In Every Seed a Story

Ambush the Ambushers!

The Durang Mar realized that their course through the mountains was running parallel to a goblin raiding party, returning from the Eastern lowlands. They had no hobgoblin leaders, and plenty of loot and wriggling bags. The mercenaries decided to ambush them as they crossed the river by an old Elven citadel, and their plan worked, although the Troll that the goblins were keeping as a pet proved to be a pain. Among the loot bags, they released a gnome from Pebble’s past, Hoffman Nog. He said he had been sent looking for her once house Windsorbottom had heard that they were heading back to Athencral.
They camped in the citadel and Hoffman set right to his butlery duties, putting together tea and a meal, of which everyone except the Boulder partook.



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