In Every Seed a Story

Griffo's Trip to the Bottom of the Sea

Shall I tell you of the tale of Griffo and me?
The story of his journey to the bottom of the sea.
A great statue stashed in a pirates’ hold
The group of four theives were in search of gold
Two-Storm, Kaz, Griffo and I; we’re told
The ship on fire and band of pirates ready to flee
Griffo locked with the loot and nowhere to go
So the hafling pushed his prize to and fro
Bang and bump the timbers did bow
With one more heave the boards gave way
Griffo and the golden lady plunged into the bay
How they made it out alive no one can say
But from what I hear tell he was caught in a net
The rest of the tale to come, so don’t fret
Two-Storm arranged it as a drunken bet
So high aloft a rival pirates’ villa the statue did go
A giant middle finger to the bested captain below.

Penned by the Nameless



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