In Every Seed a Story

More Than Meets the Eye

As the crew fought off the onslaught of orcs, one among them showed great power, bringing Aja and Miri to the brink of death! The hag lowered her disguise and took Miri‘s backpack with the Crown in it, only for Seebo to snatch it and run into the troll den, away from the exit!! The rest of the party escaped, with mixed feelings about Seebo’s sacrifice. Old May pounced on him and quickly dispatched him, carrying off him and the crown.
(I picture this one ending with a montage: A shot of the group, helping each other through the mountains, wounded and downtrodden; a shot of Hülgë talking to a tavern full of loggers and miners (mostly Dwarves) who all somberly raise a glass; a shot of Ilior meditating at the edge of town, facing down into the valley; a shot of Aja on the town rooftops, eyeing the woods and the mountains beyond with grim determination; Miri in the woods, the town visible behind her, surrounded by open books but looking off into the trees; a shot of Jhaross in the library at dusk, books piled about, and a small mirror on the table; and finally, in true not-the-end-of-the-trilogy fashion, a shot of a dank cavern, cauldron bubbling, jars of various awful things on shelves, random pieces of animals scattered across a bloody table in a strange pattern, with a cage swinging gently off to one side. Inside the cage is a battered and unconscious Seebo, who first twitches his nose, then slowly opens his eyes……..)



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