In Every Seed a Story

Taking Care of Business

Meeting at the Altar at nightfall, the party was greeted by the Runevakt and escorted to a meeting with Sazmo. He petitioned them to send him the hag and the Crown, and gave them each an item of their choice to help them.
After fighting and sneaking their way to the end of the cavern, the party engaged Old May Bonechewer! Ever the deceiver, Old May filled the chamber with smoke and attempted to escape, only to wind up in a chamber with Miri. She expressed to Miri that the crown had been asking for her, and tossed it to her. Miri put it on and was instantly filled with unbelievable power. She Feebleminded the hag and sent her to Sazmo, but the crown was already taking hold of her mind. She bought the cavern down around her while the rest of the party escaped.
After an intense internal moment, Miri found the strength to remove the crown, but she was irrevocably changed by it.
The party sent the crown to Sazmo and returned to Nalgenjak. They each then set out on different paths…….



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