The Argonaut

Cleric following the truth of the Divine...


A 5’10" Half-Elf, slightly scruffy. Stands tall and fast with an air of truth and knowing. His grayish blue eyes have seen much of the sea and far off lands, travelling with pirates most of his life. Never surprised by miracles, and always has a slight smile, as if expecting to know what happens next. He wears a rag head band to hide the slight point of his ears, preferring to appear human. Donning light colored stained clothing, peering out from under a hood in most cases, and covered in scale mail. A round shield on his back, and a mace by his side.


Half-Elf Cleric following the mystic traditions of the Divine. Older brother to Miri of Aelynwood. Having travelled far from his homeland, kidnapped by pirates as a boy, discovered by a God, to return home to find his family as a cleric.

The Argonaut

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