Tag: Borsali


  • The Fall of the Blighted King

    I am Dirk Nurmagomedov. Khabib Nurmagomedov was my father. This will serve as the only written record of a significant event in Elven history , The Fall of the [[Last High King of the Elves | Blighted King Daetheryth]] and the birth of the free lands of …

  • Out of the Woods

    [[:aja-orathul | Aja]], [[:h-lg-x-nd-ttir | Hülgë]], [[:jhaross | Jhaross]], [[:miri-of-aelynwood | Miri]], [[:seebo-zhuge-lobo-dinglebop-nyssa-sylvatica-beetlebum | Seebo]], and [[:the-argonaut | The Argonaut]] fought two Perytons on their journey south …

  • Azgoth

    The Kingdom of Azgoth was formed a little over three hundred years ago when a group of heroes rose up and killed some giants who had amassed a huge number of human slaves to build a keep in the forest. They inspired the freed slaves to stick together and …

  • Tango's Rest

    A settlement on the southern coast, surrounding an ancient keep. Previously occupied by the Band of Bloody Mirth, it was liberated by [[:tango | Tango]] and company, who claimed it as a headquarters, investing most of their adventuring wealth in the re- …

  • Aelynwood

    A small forest a short journey from [[Mil'Renothro | Mil'Renothro]]. A place of solitude and of peace.

  • Nalgenjak

    The Hold of the Honorable Monolith A dwarven home-hold, occupying most of the tip of the western part of Borsali. One of the kingdoms who refused to unite under the single crown. The Honorable Monolith is a feat of Dwarven craftsmanship over centuries, …

  • Vershedul

    The elven freehold on the continent of Borsali. It is governed loosely by a council of representatives of various lands within, who gather to share ideas and innovations with each other.

  • Glansterlode

    A Dwarven capital outpost, founded after the fall of [[Athencral | Athencral]]. The home of Helvring Dordek, the dwarf who found the [[Crown of Seven Mountains]].