In Every Seed a Story

The Arrival

The party arrived at Mil’Renothro, and were met by Caelki and a group of elven snipers. Aja tried to convince them to take them to the elders, but to no avail. Caelki did go to the village and return with a Syldulim named Lamro, who wanted to meet Jhaross. It was in this conversation that Uthavain’s name was first uttered, revealing Aja to be the sister of Miri and The Argonaut!! After meeting Jhaross and believing him to be the dragonborn spoken of in the whispers of the Fey portals, he returned to the village and gathered a group willing to follow the party back. In a bit of back and forth and a slip of Seebo’s tongue, a hag eye was found hidden in the frog statue they had been carrying with them. Although this upset the elves, they still agreed to follow, and to bring Caelki and her archers with them. Back north to the Aelynwood they headed…..



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