In Every Seed a Story

The Confrontation

Accompanied by their elven entourage, Aja, Hülgë, Jhaross, Miri, Seebo, and The Argonaut reached the home of the Three, at the center of the blighted Aelynwood. They confronted the three Hags and proved very quickly to be more than the Three had bargained for. Desperate to escape with what sounded like a baby, the Three began pouring magic into the roots of a tree with the Black Crown of King Daetheryth in its upper reaches. A stray fire bolt from Jhaross knocked over the Hags’ cauldron, dumping who-knows-what into the tree’s roots. The tree burst to life, and the heroes had to fight it while trying to remove the Crown from it. One hag managed to get away with the baby, but the tree was felled, and the Black Crown retrieved.
The Crown cannot be destroyed on this plane, according to the Syldulim. It must be taken to the Feywild, a dangerous journey indeed.



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